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Blood Collection

We are providing most reliable Diagnostic Centre & Pathology Lab offering a wide range of diagnostic tests & procedures across the country.

We believe in the principle of providing quality, economical and accurate diagnostic services for patients across age groups. We strive to furnish timely and precise reports with zero error as we use a completely computerized mechanism for our database. Our world class diagnostic equipment and advanced technology ensure that you get the best quality diagnosis at affordable prices, so that you don’t compromise with your health. Our labs are NABL accredited and ISO Certified, with our Global Reference Lab CAP Accredited

Basic Blood Tests

  Complete Blood Count with ESR

  Liver Function Test

  Thyroid Profile

  Lipid Profile


  Blood Sugar

  Electrolytes Profile

  Blood Sugar

Advance Blood Test

  Vitamin Profile Test

  Thyroid - T3, TSH, T4

  Total Cholesterol, HDL, VLDL, LDL


  Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

  Bilirubin Total,

  Urine Routine

  BUN, Creatinine (Serum),

Executive Blood Test

  Vitamin D, Vitamin B12+

  Total IGE/Phadiatop Adult Allergy

  Urine Microalbuminuria

  Serum Creatinine


  Serum Creatinine


  Uric Acid, Appearance, PH

Quality Equipment & Tools

Our result oriented practice makes us the leading physiotherapy in NOIDA and NCR. This is only due to quality assessment and evidence based treatment system with most modern state of art chiropractic and physiotherapy gadgets powered by specialized team of physiotherapist .

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