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Tele-PT Video Consultation

Telephysio / Video Consultation

Importance of Tele-PT Video Consultation by Physiotherapist

Tele-PT simply means allowing health care professional and care givers to provide thier services through telecommunications, which would require us to connect to the masses through any electronic devices and software without them to step out of their homes.WHO states Telemedicine to be the need of hour, which literally means “healing at distance”. It is indeed a blessing in this current situations where safety lies in just staying back at home, “Tele PT” turns out to be an essential tool for the professionals to evaluate, diagnose and manage patients suffering from aches and pains and most importantly missing their routine physio sessions.

Well not as hard as it seems to be as anybody who finds himself under following conditions can connect to Physiotherapist for Tele consultations:-

  Pain that has not been subsided since last 3-4 days.

  Poor posture and ergonomics while working from home leading to discomfort.

  Underlying history of pain aggravated due to bad routines or household chores exertion.

  Elderly people facing issues related to restricted body movements.

  People who have been missing thier regular therapy sessions/fitness classes owing to lockdown.

How to make an appointment?

 Click on Book Free Consultation to get started. Select your pain area, fill in your basic details and start with taking an AI assessment or booking a consultation with our Physiotherapist experts.

What are the things required for the Physiotherapy sessions?

 A good internet connection, a phone, laptop or desktop is enough to start your recovery process.

Who will conduct my session?

 We have licensed and highly trained Physiotherapists with us, who will take utmost care of you during your road to recovery.

How do I share my X-ray/MRI report?

  You can add our WhatsApp No. +91-7017911880 to your contacts and send us your reports easily at any time.

What will be the duration of my session?

 Initial assessment and consultation session will last from 30 – 45 minutes, and after that depending on your recovery process the prescribed sessions can last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes.

Quality Equipment & Tools

Our result oriented practice makes us the leading physiotherapy in NOIDA and NCR. This is only due to quality assessment and evidence based treatment system with most modern state of art chiropractic and physiotherapy gadgets powered by specialized team of physiotherapist .

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