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Home Care

Homecare Therapy

If you or your loved one are in pain and looking for Physiotherapy at home, Curetherapist provides a home physiotherapist for your treatment in the comfort of your own home or office.

We have a separate team that works with our clients at home. Your physiotherapist can see you in the comforts of your home while maintaining our Curetherapist standard For optimal care, we provide our clients with home therapy equipment, from thera bands, and hand therapy products to mobility products like walkers. Also, the physiotherapist will be carrying the exercise tools and equipment, if needed, depending on the treatment appropriate for the elders. Geriatric patients are allowed to choose a time slot according to their convenience for at-home physiotherapy sessions.

To schedule Hometherapy for you or a loved one, please book an appointment below or call any of our helpline numbers.

How Does Physiotherapy at Home Work?

In most cases, at-home physiotherapists get assigned via the doctors’ recommendation. However, many healthcare centres across the globe offer physiotherapy-at-home services that involve the following steps:

  Once you schedule an appointment with the physiotherapist, on the first day, he/she will conduct a detailed initial assessment, post which you will receive a customized treatment plan.

  In the following appointments, the physiotherapist will conduct rehabilitation sessions that range from 45 minutes to an hour based on the patients’ condition.

  Most at-home physiotherapy services offer weekly or monthly packages, and you can choose one that suits your requirements.

  Also, scheduling an appointment is left at your behest so you can pick a time slot that’s convenient for you.

Quality Equipment & Tools

Our result oriented practice makes us the leading physiotherapy in NOIDA and NCR. This is only due to quality assessment and evidence based treatment system with most modern state of art chiropractic and physiotherapy gadgets powered by specialized team of physiotherapist .

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